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We Believe in the Power of Love.

We Believe Gods Voice.

We Believe in the Anointing of Jesus.

We Believe in Discipleship.

We Believe in Speaking in Tongues.

We Believe in Community and Fellowship in Jesus.

We Believe in Godly Character. We Believe in Transformation.

We Believe in Intimacy in Relationship with God.

We Believe in the Authentic.

We Believe we are the light that Pierces Darkness.

We Believe in the Second Coming of Christ.

We Believe in Miracles, Signs, and Wonders.

We Believe in the body of Christ.

We Believe in having a Vision.

We Believe in Kingdom Government.

We Believe in being a Powerful Weapon in the hands of Jesus.

We Believe in being Presence Driven.

We Believe in being Passionate with Radical Worship.

We Believe in Unity in the Bride of Christ.

We Believe in the Master of the Vineyard with evidence of Fruit of the Spirit.

We Believe in the gifts of the Spirit. We Believe in the Church of Jesus Christ.

We Believe in teaching and equipping. We Believe in being Holy as HE is Holy.

We Believe in Healing.


We are a fierce light that pierces Darkness.

We are a song of His DNA birthed with a promise.

We are clothed in Radical Fire.

We are a Stable that Births the Kingdom and draws Kings.

We carry a Staff of HIS identity that swallows the counterfeit.

Our Service for Him looks like HIS back.

We are a 5-fold authority of the New Testament Church.

We are a promise of Breakthrough!

We are an Army of Contenders.

We are a powerful weapon in the hands of Jesus.

We are ferocious love that removes fear.

We are a consuming Fire that does not consume but gives Identity.

We are hospitality of extravagant transformation.

We are a ship that goes into the deep to bring back treasures of HIS Kingdom to the Tribes of the earth.

We walk on the Sapphire Stones of God through intimacy.

We are God’s map room.

We are hands dripping with Myrrh opening doors.

We are a locomotive that goes full steam ahead.

We are a song of the redeemed.

We sit at the feet of Love itself…Jesus.

We are Hub 5!

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