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Crystal Salt

By Maarshae

Hi, I am the Administrative Assistant to The Hub 5. A few months ago God told me to start sharing the special times of revelations that I have with Him. These intimate real-life moments of revelation and clarity I have had with God have grown me from the person I used to be, into the person I  am today, and still growing daily. These moments with God have taught me how to seek Him and have blessed my life in ways I can't explain. Just know He is there for you too. I pray they bless you just as much.

Do You Have A Goliath?

I Did. A goliath can be a person or thing or even a behavior! It's that thing in your life that just keeps you down and defeated! That's not the life God predestined for us. I was taught by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit how to defeat my goliath. Defeated, Conquered, and Destroyed!. Remember, you are not alone. You are always welcome at The Hub 5!

Are You Souring?

Or are you too tired? Isaiah 40:31 says, "If we hope in the Lord. our strength will be renewed, we will sour on wings like eagles. we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not be faint". That is a better option than me sitting around being too tired to look and listen or ever think about what the Lord has done and will continue to do for me.  And in that, I learned how to be grateful for the little and big things. So, I decided to WAKE UP! Dust off my wings (I already had them, I just chose not to use them). and press into God instead of pressing into my problems, and there were plenty! God began to reveal amazing things to me about me! So now I stay postured, positioned and awake to see and hear what the Lord is saying, and I pray that you are too. It's time for God's children to SOAR!.

Are You Paying Attention?

I have to say for a long time I wasn't! when I say paying attention, I mean when you sit and read the Word of God are you reading it to hear what the Lord is saying or are you reading it for the sake of saying you did? I have been reading the bible for as long as I have been a believing adult. But, I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't hear Him, there were a whole lot of noises that took center stage in my life for a long time. Finally, I shut that noise out! and in doing that, over the past few years, I have been intentionally reading the Word of God and only recently, I have been able to hear what the Lord has been saying. I discovered how much power God has given us just by reading and adhering to His word, we become more blessed, it gives us the power to heal, to have greater faith and hope, breakthrough, the power to love more intentionally, and the opportunity to ask in our predestined destiny with God and so much more! So today I encourage you to "Pay Attention".

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