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Dear Kingdom Family,

Hello and Blessings! Advancing and holding on to the Kingdom culture of God is extremely urgent in raising up the next generation. We believe in families, and we believe God is getting ready to release a generation that will impact nations and usher in a move of God that has never been seen before. 

We are reaching out because we need your prayers, help, and support, to develop the next generation. We are looking at purchasing a new building that would house The Hub 5 International Church, Joseph's Pantry Corp, and Liberty School Academy. We ask you to seek God and consider financial partnership, and donations that will make an eternal difference. Please consider giving a seed to raising the next generation and thank you. 

We believe that is our destiny to instill in each student that passion and the fire to serve Jesus Christ through their character and leadership. To walk and release the spirit of the Lord with Freedom and emancipation from worldview bondage. Liberty School Academy endeavors to prepare students to become Christ-like leaders walking in demonstration of God's power, in their schools, churches, communities, families, and vocations. 

Vision: To raise the next generation rooted in Christ. We believe firmly that our mission is to leave a legacy that develops students both academically and spiritually so that when they graduate from Liberty School Academy they are firmly rooted in Christ. We endeavor to educate every student with an overflow of Biblical truth in every subject; surrounding them with examples of servant-leaders and encouraging them to utilize their minds and actions to develop a worldview founded in faith and Biblical truths that can move mountains, restore a generation, and leave a legacy with inheritance. Thank you, we are grateful.




Tamara Delahanty


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